Here are the answers to a few questions that customers often ask...

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, Bete Noire Jewellery ships to all of the UK (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Islands), Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. For any other destination please use the Contact Page to find out rates and shipping times. Please note, Bete Noire Jewellery is not responsible for any taxes or fees you may incur during shipping.

Can you make me a custom item?

Yes! The only limit on what you can order is your own imagination! Bete Noire Jewellery offers a wide range of products with extensive colour, glitter and print options, alongside your choice of chain colour for necklaces and the chance to choose your own text in the Custom Store section. Sometimes it's even possible to source some of the 'little extras' like the dangly charms so if you have something specific in mind then get in touch to discuss even more possibilites!

For the complete range of options take a look at the Colours and Options page, and if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch!

How many letters can you fit on a heart?

It's difficult to give a definitive answer on this one, but I can give you the following guidelines:


Large single hearts (necklaces, barrettes, brooches, magnets and keyrings)- 6-7 characters

Large double hearts (necklaces and barrettes)- 6-7 characters per heart

Heart rings- 5-6 characters

Heart earrings (2D and 3D)- maximum 6 characters

Small double hearts (necklaces, barrettes and double heart rings)- 5-6 characters

Giant heart (currently the 'Chocoholic' and 'Hell' necklaces)- 10 characters


These are just guidelines and sometimes (depending on the choice of characters as some are narrower), another letter or two could be added, but please email before making your purchase just to be sure.

The scroll necklaces do allow a lot more space for custom text. Please take a look at the Scroll Necklaces page to get an idea of the lettering size and spacing. This is also true of the horseshoe necklace which fit around 10 characters.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

As all items are handmade to order Bete Noire Jewellery asks you to allow a minimum of 20 working days days from the date you placed your order. If the wait for your items exceeds this time please get in touch, as all shipping information is retained and it may be possible to track your parcel to its current location!

What methods of payment do you accept?

The Bete Noire site uses Paypal checkout and therefore can accept payment from Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Visa debit, American Express and Solo as well as payment from your own Paypal account if you have one (although this is not necessary). Further payment options are available for wholesale customers.

Do you offer wholesale?

Bete Noire offers a wholesale options for outlets looking to retail its products. Certain restrictions may apply, please get in touch using the Contact Page for more information.

How do I care for my jewellery?

A very good question! All items are handmade and although they do not require any particular special attention simply looking after them will keep them looking tip top!

Bete Noire Jewellery recommends that you keep your items away from any liquids (from water to detergents, perfumes and deodorants, etc) or abrasive surfaces, away from direct sunlight when stored and highly suggest keeping them away from young children due to the use of small parts in manufacturing. You shouldn't need to clean your item of jewellery and should avoid using any harsh chemicals to attempt to do this. If your item is looking a little lack-lustre due to wear get in touch as pieces can often be spruced up!

I hand-make products and wondered if you would be interested in selling them through the Bete Noire site?

At this time I'm afraid Bete Noire is unable to retail other companies' products due to the increase in workload. Hopefully in the future Bete Noire will be able to do this so please keep an eye out for any changes. However, if you have a product you would like to promote please get in touch about featuring on the Blog.

Do you sponsor events?

Bete Noire often sponsors events that compliment the products. If you are organising an event and you think we could work well together please get in touch using the Contact Page giving an outline of what you're planning, what you'd like and how you think your event can benefit the Bete Noire brand! Please be aware that I have to be selective under these circumstances and will only get involved if it's a great opportunity and I have the time to do so.

My parcel hasn't arrived. What should I do next?

Bete Noire Jewellery takes customer service very seriously and if a problem occurs with an order I appreciate the chance to rectify the situation and will do everything possible to put it right. If you have waited longer than the standard shipping times stated on the Terms and Conditions page please get in touch as soon as possible so your order can be tracked and hopefully located.